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21 August 2015

Ekuinas Successfully Divests Burger King® Malaysia & Singapore to Complete its F&B Portfolio Restructuring Exercise

30 April 2015

Ekuinas Continues To Deliver Strong Performance After Five Years in Operations

30 April 2015

Ekuinas Terus Catat Prestasi Kukuh Selepas Lima Tahun Beroperasi

25 November 2014

Ekuinas divestment activities progressing rapidly and generating value

25 November 2014

Aktiviti pelupusan Ekuinas berjalan lancar dan menjana nilai tambahan

19 November 2014

Kerajaan umum komitmen Ekuinas untuk agihkan keuntungan RM500 juta menerusi YPB/PNB untuk manfaat bumiputera

09 September 2014

Malaysia committed to developing private equity as a catalyst for economic growth

21 August 2014

Ekuinas undertakes RM400 million investment to further expand its oil & gas and F&B portfolio

21 August 2014

Ekuinas labur RM400 juta untuk meluaskan portfolio minyak & gas dan F&B

14 August 2014

Forum Ekuiti Persendirian Malaysia martabatkan negara sebagai destinasi utama pelaburan PE

14 August 2014

Malaysian Private Equity Forum to position Malaysia as a premier destination for PE investments

29 April 2014

Ekuinas Records Another Strong Performance for 2013


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