Direct Investment

Ekuinas aims to identify all opportunities to invest in mid-sized Malaysian companies to transform and grow them into sizeable market leaders and profitable investments, after which Ekuinas will exit and apply the same process of value creation in other deserving companies.

Investment activities undergo several key processes from the initial stage of identifying potential investments; to the final stage of recommendation to the Investment Committee and the Board of Directors; up until after the acquisition is completed.

Ekuinas works with the investee company to create a Value Creation Plan (VCP) which is then implemented post acquisition. The objective of the VCP is, inter alia, to help the company grow and improve in various aspects of its business in the aim of taking the company through a sustainable growth pathway.

Generally, our direct investment ticket size can be divided into two categories:

RM10-30million (DANA ASAS)
where Ekuinas directly undertakes investments and focuses on smaller deal sizes, taking minority stakes and providing capital and value creation to take the businesses to the next level.
> RM30million (TRANCHE II, III & IV)
where Ekuinas directly undertakes investments and focuses on larger deal sizes, normally taking on controlling or sizeable equity stakes to enable active participation and value creation for the companies and all stakeholders.

Dana Asas Fund Parameters

Capital Commitment RM 100mn (for entire fund)
Term 8 + 2 years
Investment Period Between 5 to 7 years
Investment Focus
  • Growth capital, Minority investments in Bumiputera companies
  • Equity investments, but Debt and Special Situation deals are also possible
Deal Ticket Size RM10mn – RM30mn
Sector Priorities Same as existing Direct Funds
Criteria for Investment Evaluation
  • Brownfield investments allowed for companies with revenue track record
  • Minimum 20% investment stake
  • Otherwise, all other criteria are as per existing Direct Funds
  • Majority Bumiputera ownership

Ekuinas’ Portfolio Companies